Solar Spectral Irradiance Meter



In 2015 COFOVO Energy spun out Spectrafy to focus on the SolarSIM business. More information about the SolarSIM products can be found on Spectrafy’s website.

The SolarSIM-D2 represents a bold new approach to solar and atmospheric measurement. It uses simple, rugged hardware and ground-breaking software to accurately resolve full-range and custom range DNI, as well as direct solar spectral irradiance, atmospheric AOD, ozone and precipitable water vapour – all in one small, easy-to-deploy, affordable package.

The SolarSIM-D2 enables this huge leap forward in functionality by deploying silicon photodiodes, coupled with hard-coated optical filters to measure the direct solar spectrum in several narrow wavelength bands. The SolarSIM-D2’s proprietary software then uses these measurements to resolve the complete solar spectrum and DNI, in addition to major atmospheric processes, such as air mass, Rayleigh scattering, aerosol optical depth, ozone-layer thickness and precipitable water vapour.

The SolarSIM-D2 offers ultimate flexibility. It can be deployed with any one or more of its measurement capabilities engaged, and additional capabilities can be added at any point in the future via a simple software upgrade – with no additional hardware required.

The SolarSIM-D2 provides a versatile, low-cost, low-power tool for accurately determining DNI, the direct solar spectrum and major atmospheric constituents for on-site solar resource assessment, meteorological monitoring, PV or CSP performance prediction and weather or climate modelling.


Better solar for the sun belt.