COFOVO Energy Inc. is bringing to market a low-cost, concentrator photovoltaic system, based on our proprietary direct-to-backplate optical packaging technology. The company is a start-up, founded in 2012 and spun out of the University of Ottawa SUNLAB.

Our vision is to become the market leader in supplying solar power plants to hot, high-sunlight regions of the world such as the Middle East, southern and northern Africa and Australia. To achieve this we are working to develop a concentrator photovoltaic system that can match the installed capital cost of conventional solar while harvesting up to 60% more electricity.

Our headquarters are located at 800 King Edward Avenue, Ottawa, Canada where COFOVO leases space within the University of Ottawa SITE building. COFOVO currently has five employees, two of whom are based in Australia. For more information on the company, please contact us at info@cofovo.com.





Richard Beal, PhDRBEAL


Richard Beal, PhD is the founder and CEO of COFOVO Energy and has spent the last decade researching ways to make better photovoltaic technologies. He has a bachelor in Chemical and Materials Engineering from the University of Auckland and a PhD in Materials Science (Photovoltaics) from the University of Oxford where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar. He has four years of experience as a postdoctoral fellow working with start-up solar companies and represents Canada on the IEC – the international committee that writes standards for the solar industry.



Ben Papps, MBA BenPapps cropped

Business Development

Ben is a management consultant with over a decade of technical experience in the semiconductor industry. After gaining a BEng and MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Canterbury, he spent six years in Oxford working in the semiconductor industry in a variety of engineering and business development roles. He subsequently gained his MBA from the Melbourne Business School and is currently based in Melbourne where he heads COFOVO’s Australian and global business development.



Viktar Tatsiankou, ME Mug_Shot.png

Spectral Product Development

Viktar holds a B.Eng. and M.Eng. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ottawa and is the inventor of COFOVO’s Solar Spectral Irradiance Meter. Prior to joining COFOVO, he spent two years as part of the solar tracker design team at Morgan Solar Inc., simulating and implementing PCB designs, and software interfaces. Viktar leads the development of COFOVO’s spectral measurement products.




John Cook, PhDJohnCook1


John  is a solar and semiconductor industry veteran with nearly three decades of experience in applied sciences for advanced technology development in commercially successful optoelectronic devices for telecoms and energy.  As a scientist and manager he has participated in three full technology development generations in III-V compound semiconductor wafer technologies including extended reliability studies, quality, and conference presentations. Following that he has worked with several small companies developing high-efficiency concentrator photovoltaic module technologies, including supply chain qualifications in North America and China and university-industry-government joint technology development partnerships.



Business Advisors


Simon Fafard, PhD

SimonFafard - autocorrected

Simon is the founder and former CTO of Cyrium Technologies, an Ottawa-based CPV cell manufacturer. Simon has more than 20 years of semiconductor and opto-electronics experience covering the complete product development cycle. He is an established scientist with vision and recognized globally with accomplishments from innovative R&D, material research and engineering, new product design and prototyping, with deep knowledge of solar markets from experience in technical customer support and product line management. He founded Cyrium in 2002, and raised $26M of funding, establishing the company as a leader in CPV cell manufacturing.


Kenny Villegas

KennyVillegas edited

Kenny is the President of Solar Compliance LLC, a global solar certification consultancy. Kenny has over 20 years of certification and regulatory experience and was the architect of the worlds first UL listing for a concentrator photovoltaic system (Energy Innovations). Serving as one of the appointed experts in Europe’s IEC Working Group 7 (concentrator PV modules and assemblies) standards committee and UL’s Standards Technical Panel for UL 8703 (the Standard for Concentrator Photovoltaic Modules and Assemblies), Kenny has continually been on the leading edge of standards development worldwide. Recognized as one of the leaders in the certification industry, Kenny works closely with the world’s foremost standards development organizations in the interest of public safety for the entire solar industry.


Karin Hinzer, PhD

Kerin Hinzer

Karin is the Tier II Canada Research Chair in Photonic Nanostructures and Integrated Devices and heads the University of Ottawa SUNLAB; Canada’s premier concentrator photovoltaic research facility. As head of the SUNLAB, Professor Hinzer has successfully led several, large-scale, PV technology development projects with industry partners. She has also made pioneering contributions to the experimental physics of quantum dots, marked by two landmark papers in Science. She gained extensive experience in the design and fabrication of group III-V semiconductor devices, and product development while at the National Research Council Canada, Nortel Networks and then Bookham. Cost reduction strategies strongly feature in her industry experience.


Marco Janeczek

Marco Janeczek

Mr. Janeczek is currently the venture partner of Infinite Ventures, a newly established early stage venture fund and the founder of hatchbrands ventures, a seed stage fund out of Ottawa, Ontario. hatchbrands investments include Mgestyk, PCSSO, Zoidu (now Stellar Learning Strategies), Yostro (acquired by Dataware), Roomish and Ooploo. He is also an advisor to CDET a non-profit organization that prepares startups in their seed and series A rounds. Mr. Janeczek is serving and has served as board member and/or advisor to Zikera, QGLex, Carbure Digital, Memopal, HipPlay, OnTab, MyAgonism, Gbatteries, Mgestyk, PlanetSoft (GPW:PSF), Edgewater Wireless (TSXV:YFI), LiveQoS, iWatchLife, and Populis (Italy’s largest digital media company). Mr. Janeczek has previously been involved in H-FARM Ventures, an incubator and early stage venture fund in Italy. H-FARM investments include H-ART (acquired by WPP), H-Care (acquired by gruppo Pat), Log607 (acquired by RCS Group) and LogoPro (acquired by Orgraf). Before entering the venture capital and accelerator industry, Marco served as the CEO and founder of several startup companies and as VP Sales at Decisyon.




t: +1 (613) 406-5685

800 King Edward Avenue, Suite 3014
Ottawa, ON
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